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Astrologists Articles

New Age Capital Of Calm

Jeremy Schwartz follows stressed-out locals to the tranquil town of Tepoztlan.


BOTCHULISM By Botchaviks. Opens Thursday, until Sep 20. $15/$12. Bookings: or 0406 765 202.

Get Thee Behind Me, Saturn

An astrological phenomenon challenges a woman's choices in life.

Forecast: Fun And Prophet

HE SAID WHY is it that some people are drawn towards clairvoyants and fortune-tellers like moths to a flame and others, such as me, wouldn't waste a second of time or even a measly dollar in going to see one?

Woman Stole To Pay For Psychic Advice

WHEN Allison Patricia Lunney desperately needed help for a ruined marriage and violent husband, she dialled a "psychic line" and found a very sympathetic ear.